Choosing a Managed Hosting Environment for Drupal or WordPress

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Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) systems Drupal and WordPress are highly popular offerings — but they’re also highly targeted environments for attack. Both systems offer wide sets of plugins and modules to expand functionality, which further complicates security and operating considerations.  The challenge for enterprise customers is creating a secure hosting environment while benefitting from the potential richness of a widely deployed platform.

The need to ensure reliable, scalable, and secure access to your digital properties are the key motivators for considering a managed-hosting solution. Done correctly, managed hosting takes care of all the technical aspects of your server and application environment, allowing you to focus on sharing great content and experiences.

Numerous firms have sprung up to offer managed plans tailored to WordPress and Drupal sites. However the nature, quality, and extent of the services offered are as variable as the WCM systems themselves; therefore they require careful review.

This paper outlines key considerations for identifying the right Drupal or WordPress hosting environment for you, and offers a short survey of key players from around the globe, including some differentiators among them.