On the Minds of Tech Stack Leaders

Executive Council

What's on the minds of tech stack leaders? I'm looking forward to learning more when RSG's Omnichannel Executive Leadership Council convenes again at the end of February in Atlanta, USA.

The council serves as a private peer learning and support group for MarTech/CX/Ops leaders who struggle with many of the same challenges and opportunities. Our last meeting was quite vibrant, leading to twelve key take-aways. Many of the discussions centered around collaboration and integration.

This next meeting will focus a bit more on show-and-tell: the practical nuts and bolts of project and campaign management, as well as the pros and cons of CDPs, among other platforms. But I'm sure the discussions will veer towards whatever is top-of-mind when this team gathers.  (I'm guessing ROI will be big, but we'll see!) The Council will also have an opportunity to shape RSG's research agenda for the second half of the year.

If you and/or a colleague are stack leaders, you can apply to participate at any time.

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