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New Book Applies Design Thinking to Tech Procurement

Rosenfeld Media Publishes “The Right Way to Select Technology”

Select TechnologyBoston, MA - 12 September, 2017 -- Digital teams should replace outdated, waterfall-based approaches to technology selection with a more agile and adaptive process better suited to modern enterprise environments, according to book authors Tony Byrne and Jarrod Gingras.

The Right Way to Select Technology: The Real Story on Finding the Best Fit was published this week by Rosenfeld Media.

The book takes an enterprise selection team through an adaptive process for aligning business and technology needs, then explains how to rapidly find the right solutions through story-based, hands-on testing.

See Rosenfeld Media for details.

Authors Byrne and Gingras are founder and managing director respectively of Real Story Group, an exclusively customer-focused technology analyst firm.

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ADVANCE PRAISE for The Right Way to Select Technology

Read the book, follow the steps, and take control of your enterprise software life. My thanks to Tony and Jarrod for writing this excellent book.”

  • Michael Krigsman, host, CXOTALK, and executive fellow at Center for Digital Strategies, Tuck School, Dartmouth

A user-centric, business-driven approach to select technology for living, breathing human beings is critical to drive digital transformation. This practical book offers a refreshing approach that makes you rethink current practices.”

  • Bonnie Cheuk, Global Head of Digital, Euroclear

There are many books out there written based on reading other books. This great book by Byrne and Gingras is clearly based on years and years of practical experience with helping businesses select the right technology for their needs. Every page of this book is brimming with tested advice, pointers to real pitfalls, practical examples, and clear steps going forward.”

  • Samuel Driessen, Senior Director External Digital Channels at Teva Pharmaceuticals


Identifying the right set of personas, creating realistic user journeys, and running candid simulations are hallmarks of nearly every successful technology selection project we've seen,” says RSG founder, Tony Byrne. “Unfortunately, very few enterprise customers follow this approach.”


Real Story Group is a uniquely “buy side” analyst firm, working solely for MarTech platform buyers and never for vendors.

RSG provides research and advisory services to help customers optimize their MarTech stacks. RSG evaluates Web Content & Experience Management, Digital Asset Management, Customer Data Platforms, AI for Marketing, Omnichannel Content Platforms, Journey Orchestration Engines, Email and Marketing Automation, Marketing Attribution, Ecommerce, and Personalization Platforms.