Webinar: Evaluating Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise

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The accelerating pace of change in enterprise technology offers unprecedented opportunities — and major stress — for business and IT leaders alike. Business units seek to exploit new opportunities presented by emerging technologies, which has given rise to the “Shadow IT” phenomenon and a broad proliferation of tools and suppliers in the enterprise. Obvious gains in short-term agility have been accompanied by longer-term architectural and sustainability challenges. At the same time, business stakeholders remain properly skeptical of whether their incumbent major platform vendors can deliver value for these emerging opportunities.

Designed for enterprise architects, IT planners, and tech-savvy business leaders, this workshop will help you get out in front of emerging technologies. It will provide tools to help you proactively identify which technologies could bring the most business value to your specific environment, as well as arm you with the savvy to avoid common pitfalls. The workshop will examine the challenges and benefits of emerging technologies in segments where business and IT interests overlap — and often come into conflict.

Specifically, we’ll look at:

  •     Social Collaboration
  •     Gamification and Innovation
  •     Cloud-based File Sharing
  •     Mobile Middleware
  •     Social Media Analytics

You’ll come away from this presentation with proven, test-based methodologies for evaluating and selecting vendors in fast-moving technology landscapes.