VisualSciences' Search and Publish: What about us?

As Phil Kemelor points out, the VisualSciences sale to Omniture should cause customers to ready themselves for a bumpy ride. Customers of VisualSciences' web content management service, Publish, and their hosted search service, Search, will continue to endure the uncertainty they've experienced since WebSideStory acquired Atomz in 2005 and then merged with VisualSciences in early 2006.

As readers of the Web CMS Report 2008 and Enterprise Search Report know, we have been waiting to see how Publish and Search fit in with VisualSciences' bread and butter analytics offerings. However, this integration was never a priority to VisualSciences (as evidenced by the fact that the VisualSciences site still points to the WebSideStory pages for information on Search and Publish.)

With all of the effort needed to combine the Omniture and VisualSciences analytics offerings (and no mention of Search or Publish in their press releases or analyst call), I suspect that Publish and Search will continue only as secondary offerings -- and possibly still available to the right bidder.

The question is now: how long will Publish and Search customers be willing to stay stuck in the backseat of this bumpy ride?

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Alexander T. Deligtisch, Co-founder & Vice President, Spliteye Multimedia
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