The Real Story on Lexer CDP

Are you curious about how RSG reviews Customer Data Platforms in our CDP vendor evaluation research stream?

Well, let me show you with a closer look at our evaluation of Lexer's Customer Data Platform. Founded in 2009, Lexer is headquartered in Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and New York, and has about 60 employees.

The company initially focused on providing a cloud-based customer unification platform for government and enterprise B2C organizations. It has since shifted its strategy to focus more on retail and mid-market brands.

Lexer Strengths

  • Customers report Lexer feels easier to use for business stakeholders (though as always you should test)
  • Good segmentation and profile visualization services for its comparatively lower price point
  • Broad ingest services: can consume data in a wide variety of formats
  • Optionally offers potentially useful capabilities to monitor, analyze, and act on social media conversations (Social CRM)
  • Comparatively good support for advertising use cases
  • Customers report responsive service and support organizations at the vendor
  • Rare CDP vendor with substantial footprint in Australia

Lexer Weaknesses

  • Dearth of native support for POS/Retail/Loyalty/Mobile reduces value in organizations where those touchpoints are crucial for omnichannel CX
  • Missing capabilities for syncing with third-party cookies reduces opportunities to work with anonymous profiles
  • Lack of probabilistic matching for stitching unique customer records means you need to follow a declarative, exact-match approach to profile unification
  • Comparatively weaker at supporting web personalization and ecommerce
  • SaaS model-only precludes enterprises that want PaaS or hybrid deployment options
  • Lack of implementation channel partners means you have to rely on the vendor for all integration work
  • Lighter footprint outside Australia may lower value for customers in other regions

Consider Your Options

Lexer is just one of 26 CDP vendors that RSG covers.

Within the full CDP report and decision tools, RSG also digs into which CDP vendors address certain business scenarios better than others. As always, some products will fit better — or worse — for different use cases.  Find out which CDP vendors best match yours.


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