Overall ECM Maturity Still Remains Low

One of the findings of RSG's 2015 Enterprise Content Management survey was that ECM maturity levels across multiple dimensions was relatively low.  How much has changed since then?  Turns out, not much...

Since 2015 we refined the model and created specialized tools for RSG subscribers to benchmark themselves against peers and and discover areas of improvement. Over the past few quarters, we have collected additional data across each of the technology segments RSG covers.

For ECM, we found that effectiveness scores continue to be quite low.

What the Data Tells Us

Here are some findings from RSG's ECM Effectiveness Model based on input from enterprise customers.

This first chart chart summarizes overall scores across three main dimensions: human, information and systems.

Overall Scores
Fig. 1: Overall Effectiveness Score

The best possible score is 65 but the cross-industry average is only 28. This chart was created for the Professional Services industry and you can also notice the score for that particular industry, which is somewhat lower, at 24.

Now let's drill down further for each dimension.

The Human Dimension

The next chart if for Human dimension which has four factors: IT Expertise, Business Expertise, Process, and Alignment.

Human Dimension
Fig. 2: Scores for Human Capacity

Out of a total possible score of 20, the cross-industry average is less than half that. We could dig into scores for each of those individual metrics, but you can make out visually that that the industry score is almost half of what's possible for each of those metrics.

Information Dimension

The Information dimension includes Content/Metadata, Depth, Governance, Re-use, and Findability.

Information Dimension
Fig. 3: Scores for Information dimension

Here also, you can see that the cross-industry average overall (as well as for individual dimensions) is less than half of the best possible score.

Systems Dimension

Finally, the systems dimension brings similar observations.

Systems Dimension
Fig. 4: The Systems dimension also shows low scores

Wrapping Up

The baseline data for these models automatically gets updated as more people benchmark themselves. To see how your enterprise fares, do give it a shot.

Getting an accurate snapshot of your current effectiveness is the first step to building an actionable roadmap for workable improvement going forward.


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