Latest Review of Office 365

This week RSG updated our comprehensive Office 365 evaluation stream.  These assessments are somewhat different from our other research streams, which contrast individual vendors within an particular marketplace.  Office 365 remain essentially in a marketplace of its own.  Still, you may struggle to find truly critical evaluations of the various products within the O365 platform, and that's where RSG comes in.

Our latest update covers nearly all the disparate O365 services, but with special nods to:

  • SharePoint, and an evolving records and information management environment more generally
  • Stream, now coming of age, albeit with some hiccups
  • Intelligent Search, somewhat awkwardly taking over for Delve
  • Teams, which we argue is "the new Outlook" — for better or worse!

There's more to say, but those are some of the key nuggets.  RSG subscribers to our Office 365 research stream can log in and download the new chapters immediately.


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